Tuesday, October 23, 2012

TSSAA football playoff predictions after Week 9

The TSSAA released their playoff predictions after Week 6 of the regular season. These are put out by the TSSAA, and not something that we at The Jackson Sun came up with. We understand that these predictions do not always include the fact that the top 2 finishers in each district are guaranteed a playoff spot. But here is what we have:

Class 1A

Quad 4

No. 1 Huntingdon would have a bye
No. 2 West Carroll would have a bye
No. 3 Union City would host No. 6 Halls
No. 4 Lake County would host No. 5 Gleason

South Fulton is out of the playoffs and has played all 10 games for the season. Huntingdon moves over from Quad 3 to be a No. 1 seed and knock the other teams down a spot. If West Carroll beat McKenzie Friday, the War Eagles are th #2 team out of District 13-A. If Union City beat Humboldt Friday, Union City is the #2 in 14-A.

Class 2A

Quad 3

No. 1 Adamsville would have a bye
No. 2 Mt. Pleasant would have a bye
No. 3 Forrest would host No. 6 White House-Heritage
No. 4 Houston County would host No. 5 Loretto

Adamsville is #1 out of 15-A. If Mt. Pleasant win Friday, they are either 1 or 2 out of 12-A.

Quad 4

No. 1 Dresden would get a bye
No. 2 Westwood would get a bye
No. 3 Trenton Peabody would host No. 6 Booker T. Washington
No. 4 Humboldt would host No. 5 TCA

All six of these teams could be first or second in their district. Dresden is #1 out of 13-A unless they lose and West Carroll loses. Peabody is #1 in 14-A. In District 16-A, Westwood is #1 and BTW is #2. If Humboldt beat Union City on Friday, Humboldt is #2 in 14-A. If TCA beats Scotts Hill, TCA is #2 in 15-A. So in summary, this quad is loaded.

Class 3A

Quad 4

No. 1 South Gibson would host No. 8 Westview
No. 2 Milan would host No. 7 JCM
No. 3 Camden would host No. 6 Lewis County
No. 4 Hickman County would host No. 5 Manassas

South Gibson is currently in a tie for #1 in 13-AA with Covington. If the Hornets beat Westview, South Gibson would be 1 or 2 from district. If Camden wins Friday, Camden is #2. If Manassas wins Friday, they are #2 out of 15-AA.

Class 4A

Quad 3

No. 1 Lexington would host No. 8 Chester County
No. 2 Page would host No. 7 Liberty
No. 3 Maplewood would host No. 6 Crockett County
No. 4 Sycamore would host No. 5 White House

Lexington is #1 and Liberty is #2 out of 14-AA. The Page/Giles County game Friday will decide #1 and #2 in 12-AA. Maplewood has the inside track to #2 in 11-AA. White House is #1 in 10-AA.

Quad 4

No. 1 Covington would host No. 8 Hillcrest
No. 2 Dyersburg would host No. 7 Raleigh-Egypt
No. 3 Mitchell would host No. 6 Sheffield
No. 4 Trezevant would host No. 5 Fairley

Covington will be one of the top two in 13-AA. Trezevant is #1 in 15-AA, and Mitchell is #1 in 16-AA. The winner of Fairley-Sheffield is #2 in 15-AA. Raleigh-Egypt would be #2 in 16-AA with a win Friday.

Class 5A

No. 1 North Side would host No. 8 Dyer County
No. 2 Craigmont would host No. 7 Memphis East
No. 3 Ridgeway would host No. 6 Munford
No. 4 Hardin County would host No. 5 Hamilton

North Side is #1 in 13-AAA. With a win, Criagmont is either #1 or #2 in 14-AAA. With a win, Ridgeway is #1 in 15-AAA. Memphis East is #1 with a win or could be #2 with a loss in 16-AAA.

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